Hodder Tugboat stands as a contemporary, customer-oriented enterprise that combines its rich heritage with a forward-looking approach. Our robust management and operations teams, extensive industry knowledge, and unwavering dedication to customer service and safety contribute to our success.

Expert Management

At the core of Hodder Tugboat’s success is our exceptional team. Owners Ian Wright, Ben Wendland, and Tony Fadyeyev infuse the company with their wealth of business experience and innovative thinking. Tony Fadyeyev, who joined as General Manager in 2017 and became a partner in 2018, assumed the role of President in 2022. With over 14 years of industry experience, Tony is committed to maintaining Hodder Tugboat’s reputation as a trustworthy, customer-centric organization.

Superior Customer Service

Our industry-leading customer service is largely attributed to our skilled dispatchers. Each of our three dispatchers brings years of experience and deep industry connections, adopting a calm and measured approach to address customer requirements. Hodder Tugboat depends on their professionalism to cater to all client needs.

Exceptional Crew

Our on-water crew, composed of dedicated long-term employees, is among the finest in the industry. All crew members are unionized, with skippers represented by the Canadian Merchant Service Guild and deckhands by the International Longshoreman Union (Local 400). Our contracts extend until September 2026, with plans for renewal thereafter.

Safety Commitment

Hodder Tugboat prioritizes safety, evidenced by our membership in BC Forest Safe and annual safety audits. As we continuously pass our audits, we persistently seek improvement to guarantee employee and product safety, minimize downtime, and enhance our industry’s reputation. Our proactive communication with customers addresses any emerging concerns, whether related to equipment, booming, or towing, underscoring our dedication to customer satisfaction and overall safety.

Adaptive Outlook

Hodder Tugboat recognizes the evolving nature of our industry and adapts accordingly. However, our longstanding tradition of exceptional customer service and safety commitment remains unaltered. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with both existing and prospective clients, delivering indispensable services to the coastline we cherish.


At Hodder Tugboat Co. Ltd., we have a proud history of success on the waters of Canada’s west coast. Our story began in the early 20th century when J.J. Hodder and his sons, Horatio and J.R., acquired or built a vessel made from a huge log. From these humble beginnings, our company grew and evolved to become one of the most trusted and respected marine transport and towing companies in British Columbia.

Over the years, we have navigated through many challenges and changes in the industry, but our commitment to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction has remained steadfast. Today, we have a modern fleet of well-maintained vessels and a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers.

As we look to the future, we remain focused on innovation and growth, while staying true to the values that have guided us since our founding. We are proud to continue the legacy of excellence that J.J. Hodder and his sons began over a century ago, and we look forward to serving our customers for many more years to come.


At Hodder Tugboat Co. Ltd., we take immense pride in our diverse and modern fleet of vessels, including both conventional single and twin-engine tugboats, ranging from 400 to 2,000hp.

Our fleet comprises both shift vessels and continuous operation vessels, designed to meet and surpass the demanding requirements of our clients.
To guarantee reliable service to our customer base, we have revitalized a significant portion of our fleet with brand new engines, updated general machinery, and refurbished interiors and exteriors.

This commitment to investing in state-of-the-art technology, maintaining the highest safety and certification standards, and continuously improving our vessels ensures that our fleet remains at the forefront of the industry, providing unparalleled service to our valued clients.


Sustaining a successful marine transport operation for over 120 years is no small achievement. At the core of our longevity lies our unparalleled commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, which has been instrumental in fostering enduring customer loyalty.


A lot of the material we tow is a vital input to our regional growth. And for us, it all started with BC’s original resource, forest products. Since then, we’ve expanded our discipline to a wider scope of industry sectors.


At Hodder Tugboat Co. Ltd., safety is not merely a priority – it is our topmost priority. Our highly skilled and certified crews undergo rigorous training to ensure they are fully equipped to handle any task while maintaining strict safety standards. With an outstanding safety record, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients and their projects remain safe and secure.